Our tipping superstructures can be tipped in one, two or three sides and they are attached to chassis frames with one, two, three or alternatively four axles. The body itself consists of an additional frame and a body. The additional steel frame is attached to the chassis frame in compliance with the manufacturer´s instructions. It comprises carrying elements of the body and a hydraulic circuit for tipping operations. The body frame is made from cold-stamped profiles that are arranged in order to reach as high frame rigidity as possible. Its fastening elements enable tipping backwards or sidewards. The sideboards can open longitudinally by force or by gravity being hinged. Tipping operations are controlled manually or hydraulically. The rear board can be locked mechanically from the chassis frame or by means of an air cylinder. The superstructures intended for heavy-duty conditions are made of abrasion-resistant materials, such as HARDOX, XAR, DUROSTAT etc., providing also resistance against mechanical surges and wear. Our products are approved by Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic for transportation on public roads – see section Certification.